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FITNESS improving your swing

"The key to better golf is maintaining your swing with a level of consistency"

The basis of maintaining your swing is definitely sound swing mechanics. If you don't have the correct posture and spine angle during a round of golf, you will develop an inconsistent swing and poor ball contact due to muscular tiredness and decreased flexibility.

Imagine that your spine consists of 24 small building blocks with the muscles acting as bands, which hold it all together. If you have a spinal fault, this will create a muscle imbalance resulting in a biomechanical fault that leads to stress and fatigue on muscles as well as poor flexibility and an inconsistent swing. (The diagram to the left shows the muscles or bands holding your skeleton together and how some may be tight or lax if your body is out of balance due to spinal faults). If you become physically tired during a round of golf you will be less mentally relaxed and focused as your swing mechanics deteriorate. Even if you exercise regularly, if you have a spinal fault it will create specific muscle weaknesses that you might not even be aware of until you put it under the stress of playing a round of golf. To maintain balance in the spine you need to specifically isolate what muscles are weak and exercise those particular muscle groups to maintain a consistency in your swing plane.

One of the most important aspects of golf is the basic stance and setup position but to maintain this consistently it takes muscular ability to get in the right setup position to maintain posture and spine angle. The golfers who can maintain their spine angle and posture will have a consistent swing during a round of golf. Therefore, the best equipment that we can use in golf is a physically fit human body. That is one with the correct biomechanics and the right muscular skeletal system.

If your posture and musculoskeletal system is in balance, your key muscle groups will be working in harmony to maintain both consistency and power. You will have less fatigue and stress on the body and you will recover quicker and eliminate injuries. So before you embark on a physical training program to help your golf, it is important that your spine mechanics and musculature are analysed to get the maximum benefits of your training. Therefore, if you combine this with a personalised physical training program you will achieve maximum benefits.

The Get Fit To Golf ChiroFit program is specifically aimed at targeting your individual muscle weaknesses to correct your posture and spine angle. Receive your very own personal program designed by our Get Fit to Golf professionals.
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