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Strains of Gravity on the Body

The human body is often placed in a state of strain, which causes a loss of proper balance between parts of the body and gravity. Such imbalance or postural distortion usually indicates physical changes long before any body functions appear disturbed.

All parts of the body are situated so that they can interact efficiently with one another as well as with gravity. If the centre of gravity changes due to a biomechanical change, postural distortion occurs. The body is able to repair itself and adjust to the many forces to which it is subjected, both internally and externally. This relationship produces a feeling of physical well-being.

Side postures

The diagram to the left shows typical posture distortions. Several problems are clearly evident:
(1) correct posture;
(2) crowding of the lungs and heart;
(3) sagging abdominal organs and muscles constantly fighting the pull of gravity. In addition, diaphragm movement is hindered, thereby decreasing the amount of air taken into the lungs and requiring the heart to work harder to pump the blood, which, in turn, creates congestion and back pressure of circulation in the pelvis and legs.

This explains why many of us suffer from aches, pains, headaches and other medical problems. This frequently results in the feeling of getting old before our time and so the saying "posture is more a determiner of age than years," is correct.

Good posture is achieved by correcting the internal strains that are the causes of many problems with your well-being.

It is evident that from a postural change due to a biomechanical fault, the imbalance causes stress on the body, creating injury, aches, pains, and from a golfing point of view, faulty swing mechanics. This is certainly evident as we get old and this is the primary cause for swing mechanics to change with age in senior golfers.

The diagram to the right shows the common changes that occur in the body with age, like shortened height due to wear and tear of joints and increased spinal curvature, sagging of the abdomen and change of balance.

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