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Improving Your Swing
The anatomy that Get Fit to Golf assesses to help you improve your golf game included the muscles, ligaments, and bones which determine the structure of your body, commonly called the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system’s primary function is locomotion (movement of the body and its associated structure) and support. If your body’s locomotor (musculoskeletal system) and structure are imbalanced, it is impossible for any golfer at any level, to play at their peak. To give you a simple example of how imbalanced muscles can affect your structure, think of a telegraph pole which is being pulled to one side by a tight guide wire. If your body has imbalanced muscles that are weak on one side and strong on the other, it will look like the imbalanced pole.

In adults there are about 168 bones in your body and about 90% of your body weight is comprised of muscle. The muscles are like rubber bands attached to the bones. If the bones are out of alignment, then the rubber bands can be pulled tight on one side, while being loose on the other (see left diagram)

This is how muscle imbalances begin. When you have a tight muscle (rubber band) or a loose muscle, you can develop muscle imbalances where one side is stronger than the other, thus producing more pull on one side of the bone than the other. This will further enhance a muscle imbalance, and thus further interrupt your game.


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