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by Margaret Munoz ND DBM, DipCH, MATMS
Peak Performance Specialist


"Wouldn't you love to stand at the tee, relaxed and confident that your swing and focus would position your ball precisely where you wanted it? Well, it's possible and the solution is all in your mind! Let me explain."

Mastery over limiting beliefs, fear of failure and the negative self-talk that creates the sort of unwanted muscle tension which then adversely affects your swing, comes with dedicated practice of a range of techniques over a period of time. Happily though, we can also borrow a few tips from the world of acupressure which are easy to apply and have an immediate relaxing effect.

The body is an electrical energy system
We don’t normally think too much about our body being an electrical energy system though we probably know that we measure our heart with an electrocardiogram and our brain waves with an electroencephalogram. We’re more familiar with getting a little shock sometimes when we touch the filing cabinet or when we get out of the car. It’s nothing new though – the Chinese discovered how the energy runs in channels through our body about 4,000 years ago. We call the channels “meridians” and they run through, and are named after, all the major organs.

So what does this have to do with your golf swing?
There are certain points in the meridians you can put pressure that will have a subtle but immediate effect in relaxing your muscles. The following are all points that are easily accessible while you are playing. All you have to do is tap or press firmly on the point – do this before starting your setup for each shot.

Tip 1 – on your face: Find the acupressure point which is on the bone under one eye in the center of your cheek. Tap firmly 8-10 times with your index finger and middle finger. It doesn’t make any difference which hand you use or which side of the face. Take a deep breath in and then follow with a long, slow exhalation.

Tip 2 – on your wrist: Find the acupressure point which is at the center of your wrist, about two thumb-widths back from the bottom of your palm. Using the thumb, index finger or a knuckle of the other hand, press firmly on this point. Massage the point for about 20 seconds while taking a deep breath in followed by a long, slow exhalation.

Tip 3 – on your hand: Find the acupressure point in the “v” where your thumb and index finger meet – it might feel sore to touch. Using the thumb and index finger of your other hand, sqeeze firmly on this point while taking a couple of long slow breaths.

Tip 4 – on your breast bone: This is not an acupressure point but it has been discovered that tapping or “thumping” the thymus gland which is beneath the breast bone has a similarly relaxing effect. Create a fist with one hand and “thump” the breast bone firmly 6-8 times ( a bit like Tarzan but without the sound effects please!) Take a long slow deep breath afterwards.

Each of these tips takes less than 20 seconds. Incorporate them with your usual mind focusing and concentration techniques for a magnified relaxation effect.

Read more of Margaret's tips in her free monthly e-newsletter "BEING YOUR BEST". To subscribe simply send an email to with "subscribe" in the subject line or phone (02) 9713 1956.

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