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Get Fit to Golf Golfer stance and center of balanceTracking of your US$29 commission is hassle free with your free ClickBank account. ClickBank is your private collection agency, which automatically deducts your US$29 commission from the US$99 assessment fee and then deposits your commission into your private and secure ClickBank account.

Note: Clickbank pays you after your account reaches a minimum threshhold of $250 which you have to select in your account and you can set it up to go straight into your bank account or get paid by check.

All you have to do is refer your students or customers to your personal link either on your web site or a special web address (hoplink code) we provide just for you and ClickBank takes care of the rest. You do not send your clients straight to our normal web address as then the sales are not tracked... you have to give them your ClickBank hoplink code.

When you refer your students or customers to your special web address which includes your ClickBank affiliate code, your students and customers will have access to the entire Get Fit to Golf web site. No matter where they travel on the Get Fit to Golf web site they will always be identified as your referral by the ClickBank system. Using your ClickBank Affiliate ID web address insures that when your student or customer signs up for an assessment you receive your US$29 referral commission.


To open your free ClickBank Account and create your Affiliate ID code (also called a nickname) >>CLICK HERE

NOTE: Make sure you keep a record of your ClickBank nickname / affiliate ID code as well as your username and password to your ClickBank account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you fill out the ClickBank form you will be required to create a nickname. This nickname will be part of your Affiliate ID code and will be included in the web address. The nickname should be a name that identifies your business, your name or something unique and must contain 5 to 10 numbers and letters. For example "My Company, Inc." would be mycompany (All letters should be in lower case).


This will be your hoplink (the address you send your customers to, tracks your sales and enables you recieve your referral fee.

Insert your ClickBank affiliate ID code (nickname) in the blank space.

Give this address to your customers in whatever form you like... in an email, on flyers, on a business card, on a brochure, in a web directory, a link on your website, facebook, twitter, button or banner ads etc.

See below for marketing suggestions for both online and offline.


We suggest you include your hoplink address on all of your marketing materials to include but not limited to emails, business cards, letterhead, brochures, magnetic signs, web sites, link exchanges, button and banner advertising systems, facebook, etc. You do not have to have a website to participate in this affiliate program. We have also created promotional flyers that you can download below which already has the hoplink address in just add your ID code in the blank area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only send your customers or students to the above link. Do not send customers to as you will not receive a commission at this address.

If you are a golf pro or golf related business you can join Golf Pro Select directory for free and add your ID code to your listing and refer people to your listing page if you wish.

For those who DO HAVE a web site, your web page address where you place the Get Fit to Golf link or button will be your contact address you will place on your marketing materials. For instructions to setup your link and/or button on your web site and to create your Get Fit to Golf contact address...

Download these promotional flyers to promote Get Fit to Golf and the ChiroFit™ Program to your students and customers. A blank space is provided for you to insert your contact address. Download the appropriate flyer for Flyer1 and Flyer2.

If you DO NOT have a website
download and try these flyers



If you HAVE a website
download and try these flyers



If you are a golf teaching professional please email us and we can provide
you with an additional information kit that helps you integrate the ChiroFit™ program into your lessons.

.IMPORTANT NOTE: By Participating in the Get Fit to Golf Affiliate Program and promoting your affiliate Clickbank Hoplink code to others by any means, you agree to the following terms and conditions in the Affliate Agreement ... CLICK HERE to view Affiliate Agreement.

NOTE: If you need assistance with the process of becoming an affiliate or need assistance with putting your affiliate link or button on your website please email us at

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