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Medical and sport therapists would charge you $1,000’s to learn what ChiroFit will teach you!
ChiroFit is the best swing biomechanics analysis and correctional program for you and your students, at any price.

We know that golf instructors are overwhelmed with options to enhance a student’s golf learning experience. Efficient management of your time is a key factor as well as where to focus your efforts. And, you want to improve your bottom line. Golf biomechanics is now a major focus of all major golf teaching associations.

What Get Fit to Golf can do for your teaching...

ChiroFit, is an easy, time efficient, low cost biomechanics analysis program in simple language about the biomechanics of the golf swing and how to improve individual performance.
ChiroFit is an effective teaching and training tool that can easily be incorporated it into your lesson plans.
ChiroFit can complement other teaching tools and video analysis systems with great results.
tickBest of all, with
ChiroFit you don’t need to be a golf biomechanics fitness guru or spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to attain this goal.

Get Fit to Golf meets the needs of the fast paced world of golf instruction using today’s technology with ChiroFit .

By spending a few hours at your home or office reviewing the basics of ChiroFit you will be able to make a well informed, intelligent decision about golf biomechanics and fitness. It just doesn’t get any easier!

When using ChiroFit you add to your arsenal a powerful marketing tool for your golf business that your competition will find difficult to overcome.

Whether you perform the ChiroFit assessment during your golf lesson, or refer your students directly to the program by using your personal code provided to you by Get Fit to Golf, you will be astonished at the progress of your students and see a significant increase in your earnings.

The Mission of GFTG USA is to promote and instigate golf biomechanics fitness awareness among both professional and amateur golfers around the world, through golf biomechanics teaching and training tools, guided by the principle of: “Better Body, Better Golf™”

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Letter to Get Fit to Golf...

Roger Podmore"The purpose of this letter is to congratulate you on and how it has helped my students identify their body weakness and improve their fitness. The report my students receive from Get Fit to Golf makes it easy for me to help improve their Golf Swings. Most Golfers don’t know the importance of Golf Biomechanics or understand how it affects 90% of their Golf Swing.

My family has been teaching Golf for over 70 years, I watched my Father teach Amputees, Disabled and the Blind to play Golf. He always said to me, Son you must know everything about your student before you begin each lesson. If you don’t know a student has a bad back, Neck, knee, hip, foot, wrist or hand problem you could do them more damage when giving a lesson...

... There is a lot more to teaching a client a Stack and Tilt Golf Swing or a Right-sided Swing or any other Golf swing. If you don’t know your client has a physical problem you shouldn’t be creating a new swing. I believe that all Golfers should use to analyze their body to improve their swings."

Kind Regards,
Roger Podmore,
Master Golf Teacher and Golf Biomechanics Specialist

To view entire letter >> CLICK HERE

  NIKKI GARRETT - LET 2006 Rookie of the Year  
Darren Chivas PGA Golf Pro   "Hi. I'm Nikki Garrett. 2006 was my first year on the European Tour and I became Rookie of the Year. Get fit to Golf helped me achieve my goals through the ChiroFit Program. It analyzed my golf swing, posture and biomechanics and gave me a program to correct my physical faults and swing faults. It also helped me and my golf coach Darren Chivas take my game to the next level".
  • 3rd in 2006 LG Bing Lee NSW Women's Open Championship, Sydney, Australia
  • 6th in Women's World Cup of Golf at Sun City in South Africa, January 2007.
  • One of Australia's leading Golf Professionals
  • May 2007 Back-to-Back Ladies European Tour titles and currently leading money winner.

Nikki Garrett , One of Australia's leading Golf Professionals


  DARREN CHIVAS - Australian Golf Professional  
Darren Chivas PGA Golf Pro

“The Get fit to Golf swing analysis and fitness training program is used by me personally and my students. At present I am working with one of Australia's leading professional golfers Nikki Garrett. Nikki was having a reoccurring swing fault due to leg and foot injuries. Get fit to Golf analyzed the fault and helped me setup a training program to correct the problem. By using Get Fit to Golf I am able to get a much more professional result with my students. I can highly recommend get fit to golf.”

Darren Chivas, Australian PGA Golf Professional, Central Coast NSW.
Leading Australian Golf Coach
& former NSW Open Champion




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